Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another Safety Issue

In the world of education, we find ourselves teaching students about bus safety, traffic safety, being healthy, eating nutritiously, stranger danger, and so on. Now, we also have to worry about Internet Safety. The weird thing about this safety training, though, is it is not necessarily about the physical well-being of children, but more about their mental well-being. So, while educators are used to teaching safety innitiatives, Internet Safety poses a bit of confusion. There is no "Internet Safety Pyramid" or specific "Rules for Evacuating the Computer." Finding Internet Safety curriculum to fit education is, right now, kind of a wild goose chase. A bit here, a bit there, to teach this or not to teach this, what do you focus on and at what age, what should the parents be discussing with their children . . . The information below leads to some of my thinking on how Internet Safety should be handled, though I do not claim to be an expert. Just another part of the goose chase, but maybe it will make sense to some people.

This is one idea/framework for implementing staff, student, and parent training at the district level. It is JUST A DRAFT :)

The Teacher-Librarians in our district have been working on the specific student modules for trainings. I used some of the content we had been working with and put it into a Wiki to enable better organization and access for teachers, students, and their parents. It is for grades 3-4, and you can view it here.

While the Slideshare and Wiki do a nice job showcasing the content for trainings, please see this GoogleDoc for the structured, "lessonized" version.
And, if you have other ideas/resources, I would love to hear about them!

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  1. Sara - another typical detailed and well done presentation. I think the folks at FDCSD would learn a great deal from this, an would be really receptive. Your lesson is impeccably detailed and you have an amazing list of resources. Thanks agan for sharing your hard work!