Saturday, October 15, 2011

Technology Integration Matrix At Work

What does the word matrix mean to you? A matrix has different definitions, depending on the topic at hand. The topic at hand here is a Technology Integration Matrix. Specifically, the one created by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology. TIM for short. This TIM is interactive and crosses characteristics of the learning environment with levels of technology integration into the curriculum. When wondering how best to integrate technology, this is one great resource to study.

In Fort Dodge, we are working hard on implementing the Iowa Core Curriculum. The FDCSD Teacher-Librarians have been developing lesson plan ideas that take current curriculum and adds projects that are engaging, authentic, and integrate technology. We hope to share the lessons with teachers and gain their enthusiasm so that we can implement the ideas through collaboration.

It was worthwhile to take the lessons we have started developing and see where they fit on the TIM. Most are at the adoption stage within various characteristics of learning environments. Adaptation takes a teacher willing to relinquish some responsibility. It is not difficult to reach this level if a teacher is comfortable letting students make some choices. I think we can get to this level without too much pain.

However, there seems to be a large gap to jump over to go from the adaptation level of technology integration to the infusion level. In order to reach this latter level, I believe some type of 1:1 environment is needed. For students to have access to multiple technology tools in quantities that meet the needs of all students whenever they need access to them, you would about have to have that 1:1 ownership. What are your opinions about what is needed to reach the infusion level?

So, while I believe that we can tech our lessons UP a notch, Fort Dodge is not quite ready to jump two levels at this point. But, it is good to know where we need to be headed.

See 5 lessons and my ideas to tech them UP a notch here, and then let me know what you think!

image from: Marcos Papapopulus

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